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6. Fun Flying

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E-DOModel 59-in EPO Cessna 182 with Floats
This is an easy-to-fly and very scale model plane with a conventional landing gear as well as floats, which enable you to take off and land the plane on water or snow. With the included lighting system, you can even attempt some night flying!
Our Price: CAN$239.99

SkyWing 35-in EPP Cool Boy (Trainer)
Skywing's Floater EPP Trainer is designed for beginning RC pliots. It can perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers such as inverted flying, rolling, and looping. The design minimizes damages during a crash and maximizes flying time.
Our Price: CAN$49.99

Out of stock

TECHone 29-in EPP Funfly Trainer Combo
This is a high-wing 3-channel EPP plane, designed for novice flyers. It's an inherently stable flyer, which is durable and easy to repair. The kit includes a T2208 KV1370 Tiger outrunner.
Our Price: CAN$69.99

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