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9. Miscellaneous

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3M Scotch 6225n Glue
Code: 3M6225N
3M Scotch 6225n Glue is simply the best for EPP projects and quick-repair jobs in the field.
Our Price: CAN$17.99

Carbon Fibre Landing Gear Kit for 48-in Skywing Scale Planes
Code: CFLG150
This carbon fiber landing gear is light and strong. It's suitable for Skywing/Wattaplane's 48-in EPP scale 3D planes.
Our Price: CAN$29.99

Out of stock

Combo for Craig
Code: cb4craig
Special combo.
Our Price: CAN$69.46

DualSky 3.7g Digital Precison Servo DS3101
Code: DS3101
This is a decent 3.7g digital micro servo for precision mini models
Our Price: CAN$19.99

Dymond D47 Servo
Dymond D47 Sub Micro Power Servo. Only 4.7 g, powerful, sturdy, ultra slim and precise. Excellent centering. 20oz torque and 0.14 sec fast. 5 horns and side mount included. Lowest amp draw. Only 80 mA average. Clever side channel for servo cable.
Our Price: CAN$29.99

Out of stock

Emax ES08MA II 12g Metal Gear Analog Servo
Code: ES08MAII
This is a reliable metal gear servo for 15E size 3D planes. With the metal gears, you'll never worry about stripping a servo again.
Our Price: CAN$10.99

Futaba S3001 Standard Size Ball Bearing Servo
Code: FTBS3001
The Futaba S3001 is a ball bearing version of the S3003 standard servo. Futaba is a brand name you can trust.
Our Price: CAN$19.99

Gold Gun 2118 Glue
Code: GG2118G
This Gold Gun 2118 glue is very good for EPP projects. It works for wood, paper, metal, ceramic, leather, rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastics, and fabrics. When applied, it will have holding power in minutes and becomes very strong when cured.
Our Price: CAN$5.49

Henge/HK 28g Digital Precison Servo 752MG
Code: HENGE752MG
This is a digital servo good for 50E size 3D planes
Our Price: CAN$34.99

MX Carbon Rod 0.5 mm
This is good for reinforcing airframes.
Our Price: CAN$2.69

Out of stock

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